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My name is Wendy Coffey and I am the owner/operator/baker/decorator/web master/bookkeeper/marketer/delivery person and receptionist of Coffey Cakes ® llc.

I have been interested in baking and decorating for over 30 years - at 15 I use to make bagels at home! Is that crazy or what!  When I was 16 and taking home economics we had an assignment to bake something that would be entered in the county fair. Everyone in class had to bring in an entry and I made a raspberry coffee cake braid (coffee cake - prophetic! tehe).  Although many of the students in my class won blue ribbons in their different categories, I won a blue ribbon and the purple champion ribbon. I was very excited about that but certainly didn't see that baking would be such a huge part of my future.

Needing a part time job in high school I applied where some acquaintances worked - at a donut bakery. I didn't seek out a baking/decorating job - it just sort of happened. Fate. At the donut shop I baked and decorated as well as cashiered. I worked there for several years. Still I didn't see how baking was weaving a pattern in my life

As a young mother I tried to be the perfect home maker and baked pies and cakes, and it was then, at the age of 20 that I made my first decorated cake. It was a Raggedy Ann character cake covered with stars. It was fun, but I never dreamed that it would be any more than a hobby.

Over the years, although I found myself drawn to baking, I only baked for the holidays or if I saw something cool in a magazine - for the most part I was busy with working and life. Fast forward 20 years. My son was getting married and needed a cake. For some reason my fiancé (now husband) said "you can do that" and, with his support, I did.

At the time I was planning my own wedding and going to college full time so after I earned my degree in Information Systems Technology and got married I opened Coffey Cakes®LLC. It was meant to be.

 Although I am not teaching at this time I have instructed over 350 students in the Wilton Method of cake decorating.

I am blessed with a wonderful, supportive husband Greg. I have one son, Darrell, three grandchildren, 2 standard poodles and 3 toy poodles and a Siamese mix cat (Crissy passed November 7, 2013 but I can't bring myself to erase her - and the same goes for Jack who left us in 2014 ).

My favorite color is blue. :)

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